Tips and tricks for using RefWorks to manage citations, create bibliographies, and share citations.

Which RefWorks Should I Use?

Should I use the old Refworks (called "Legacy") or the new RefWorks?

  • They are both available, and the OLD (Legacy) RefWorks will continue to be available as far as we know
  • NOTE:
    ---You can upgrade to the new RW and still keep the old one.

    ---However, you can MUST continue work on the same document in the SAME RefWorks version; that is, you cannot be working on a paper in OLD and continue to work on it in NEW.
  • Note:
    --- NEW RefWorks has features that the OLD one does not, including an easier-to-use interface, sharing and annotating documents, and de-duplicating folders
    --- Some of the software used on the OLD version is no longer available

When exporting references to RefWorks, you will see something like this asking if you want the NEW one.
Yes, you do!

IMPORTANT:  It's best to log into RefWorks BEFORE you export any references into it.
Right now, both versions of RefWorks are available: (old) Legacy RefWorks and (new) RefWorks
  • If you currently use the (old) Legacy RefWorks but would like to transfer to the new one, please finish any documents you started in Legacy RefWorks -- you will not be able to finish them in the new RefWorks.

Please watch this short video about moving your content from the old RefWorks to the new.