Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Anatomy Tools and Other Specialized Tools

Anatomy TV (Primal Pictures) Interactive Anatomy  (watch the video until they mention licenses)

  • provides more than 5,000 3D anatomical structures, clinical slides, dissections, animations, and more
  • manipulate the images by rotating, zooming, and peeling away layers, while viewing accompanying text
  • anatomy visuals are accompanied by 3D animations that demonstrate function, biomechanics, and surgical procedures
  • FOR HELP - This HELP page will ask you which product you want help with, and then list tutorials

Thieme Teaching Assistant - Anatomy
[NOTE:  Access ends December 31, 2020]

  • a presentation tool with all 2,000+ illustrations and clinical images from Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy, MacPherson, and Ross)
  • go to the registration page to set up an account, to get full functionality
  • install the free "Silverlight" plugin to
    -- export edited images as image files, or pre-embedded in PowerPoint slides or PDF files
    -- locate specific images using the search function
    -- zoom into an image and save just that portion as a new image

Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE), Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia

-- This is the site with the cool "lumbar spine ultrasound" tool that one of the design teams used during 2015/16

Here are their virtual tools ("TEE" = transesophageal echocardiography; "TTE" = transthoracic echocardiography)

See this page on the Biological Sciences guide for more images and tools.


Anatomy Atlases (from the library catalog)

Calculators (from UpToDate)

  • The Calculators page will help you calculate body weights, Apgar scores, and other numbers need for emergency medicine, pediatrics, and more
  • It's okay to "accept" the license that might pop up
  • This database also includes a information about medical devices -- for example, enter the words  pressure sensor

PubMed Search Trick

To find lengths and dimensions of human bodies or parts, 

  • into the main search box, paste   "Body Weights and Measures"[Mesh] AND  
  • then add your search words after the   AND

Reviews and Comparisons  (from the Cochrane Library)

  • This collection has full-text access to comparisons among treatments, and evidence about which are more effective
  • Here is a quick reference sheet , including definitions of "review" and "protocol"