Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Engineering Guide

Please see the Engineering guide for information about other engineering topics, such as

  • patents
  • standards
  • material properties


Articles and Background
  • journal articles; online textbooks in medicine and engineering

 Regulations and Standards

  • device info and regulations; ASTM and other standards

Anatomy and Other Special Tools

  • see and create 3D images; find calculations


  • how reimbursements work in the health care system

Cells and Molecules

  • includes lab protocols


  • numbers and incidences of procedures, hospital stays, etc.

Classifications and Codes

  • links for International Classification of Diseases 9 and 10, and Current Procedural Terminology


  • videos of surgical procedures
Drugs and Pharmacology
  • dictionaries; specialized information such as calculators and mechanisms of action
Writing and Citing


  • market reports and information


  • Any pages listed were created especially for students to whom I gave a presentation in class; they will change each semester

What Will You Do Differently?

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