Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Logging On or Off

Access to the terminals is available to current JHU faculty, staff, and students only, using their JHED ID/password. 

Logging On

  1. Log on to the Bloomberg terminal with your JHED authentication. Open Bloomberg and Excel from the desktop.
  2. In the Bloomberg screen, press the red <CONN DFLT> key. (First time user? Refer to the procedures to create an account.)
  3. Enter your Bloomberg-specific login in the top field. Press <TAB>.  Enter the password.  Press <GO>.
  4. Type MAIN and hit <GO> for the main menu. Choose your sector from there and follow the menu choices, or use the sector keys and enter specific shortcuts. Hit <GO>.

Logging Off

  1. Log out of Bloomberg using the red <CONN DFLT> key.
  2. Log off of the terminal in the bottom right corner.

Creating Personal Accounts

Allow several minutes to register for a personal login and password through this procedure:

1. Click on the Bloomberg icon. Hit the red <CONN DFLT> key.

2. Click on the designated link for creating an account.

3. Type your name, JHU e-mail address, and cell phone number twice.  Document your user ID.  Choose preferred method of contact for validation code. Submit. (Students will have personal log-ins but not profiles under Bloomberg’s policy.)     

4. Retrieve your validation code and immediately type it in the box.

5. Create a password.  Document it for your files.  

6. Once your account is activated, log into to Bloomberg to test it.

7. To log out of Bloomberg, hit the red CONN DFLT key.

8. Log off the computer in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

Note: If the Bloomberg call is missed, you will get an e-mail to call and complete the validation process. Bloomberg automatically deletes invalidated requests after 5 days.