Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Bloomberg Customer Support

Phone: 1-212-318-2000

Call Bloomberg for help with creating or re-instating accounts. Contact your librarians for assistance as needed.

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Creating Personal Accounts

Creating Your Bloomberg User Account

Access to the terminals and the Bloomberg software is available solely to current faculty, staff, and students through their university-assigned user ID and password (JHED authentication) and their Bloomberg terminal account. 

Allow 5 to 10 minutes to register for your Bloomberg login and password and test access through this procedure. If you have problems, contact Bloomberg Support at 1-212-318-2000.  Follow up with your librarians as needed.

1. Log onto the workstation with your university user ID and password. (Note: Your user ID should not replicate an e-mail address.)

2. Double-click on the Bloomberg icon from the desktop. Allow a few minutes for the software to load.

3. Hit the green <Enter> key on the keyboard, or click on the "Enter or Go" link on Bloomberg's screen.

4. Click on  "Create a new login."

5. Complete just the required fields. Type your name, university e-mail address, and cell phone number for both phones.  Type "student" for your job.     (Students will have personal log-ins but not profiles under Bloomberg’s policy.)     

6. Select your preferred contact method for receiving the validation code. Submit.

7. Retrieve your validation code and immediately type it in the box. Note: If you miss Bloomberg's call, you will get an e-mail to call and complete the validation process. Bloomberg automatically deletes invalidated requests after 5 days.

8. After you create your password for your assigned Bloomberg ID, record that information for your files. 

9. Once your account is activated, log into Bloomberg to test it.  Four Bloomberg screens should appear.  Log off the account and terminal when done.

Logging On or Off


Logging Into Existing Bloomberg Accounts

  1. Log onto the Bloomberg terminal with your university user ID and password. (Note: Your user ID should not replicate an e-mail address.)

  2. Double-click on the Bloomberg and Excel icons.   Note: Please allow time for the software to load.

  3. Click on " <GO> or Enter"  on Bloomberg's login screen, or press the green  <Enter> button on the keyboard.       

  4. Type your Bloomberg terminal username in the search line. Press <TAB>.  Type your Bloomberg password.  Press <Enter>.

Logging Off

  1. Hit the red <Log Off> key and "Exit Bloomberg" prompt to leave the software.

  2. Log off of the terminal in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

Keeping Your Account Active

Log in monthly to keep your account active.  Inactive accounts automatically expire after 60 days.

Re-activating Your Expired Account

  • If your account expires while a current affiliate, call Bloomberg Support at 1-212-318-2000.  Ask Bloomberg to "re-instate your expired login."

  • If problems arise, contact your librarians.