Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Special Topics

Type these codes for popular commodity functions and hit <GO>.

  • GLCO     Global Commodity Prices and Data
  • CPFC      Commodity Forecasts
  • CMCX     Bloomberg Commodity Indices

For additional functions, type BPS to access "cheat sheets" for this topic area. 

Type these codes for key currency functions and hit <GO>.

  • FXIP    FX Pricing -- Overview of global foreign exchange rates and recent currency news.
  • FXFC  FX Pricing  -- Click on an individual currency to see individual bank forecasts and contributors.
  • FXGN  Foreign Exchange Rates

For additional functions, type BPS to access "cheat sheets" for this topic area.

Common ESG Functions

BESG      Bloomberg's dashboard to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) functions.

BI ESG    Bloomberg-specific research and scores from Bloomberg BI ESG analysts.

ESGD      Tool to identify and search for ESG related fields on the terminal.

WSL         Click on the ESG tab to the left to access pre-made worksheets or templates related to ESG.

EQS         From this screening tool, click on More Screens, then ESG, for pre-built ESG screens.

Company-Specific ESG Content

To access a company's ESG scorecard in relation to its history or its peers. . .

Type the company's ticker symbol. Hit the Equity key or type Equity. Type ESG. Hit Enter.

Example: IBM <Equity > ESG



Real Estate Main Menu: Type Real Estate.  Hit <GO>.

Overview of Contents for Real Estate by Category:

From the Keyword Search function, type REAL ESTATE. Hit <HELP>.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT):

REIT Index: Type BBREIT. Press <GO>.

REIT Database: Type QSRC. Press <GO>.

Ratios for a REIT: Type the security, then DES3.

          Example: For Weingarten Realty, type WRI DES3. Press <GO>.

Definitions and Calculations for REIT Ratios: Type DES. Hit <HELP>.

Type DES. Hit <HELP>. Type 9.  Hit <GO> . Type 7. Hit <GO>. Type 1. Hit <GO> Type 10. Hit <GO>. Type 1. Hit <GO> for ratio definitions.

To access the Bloomberg Law main menu, type BLAW and press <GO>.

To access each of the following functions, type these commands and hit <GO>.


CSDR: sovereign debt calendar

Country Risk

CRP: country risk premium  (for countries not listed, use Equity Risk Premium)

EIU: countries economic profile

RATD: ratings scales and definitions


ALLX ELI: list of tickers for emerging markets indices

MSFX: MSCI sovereign debt index

Collateralized Debt Obligations:

NI CDO: collateralized debt obligation news