Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Bloomberg Guides and Tutorials

  • Type BPS and hit  <GO>, or type BU and click on Marketing Materials, to access Bloomberg's Getting Starting guide, search guides, and topic-specific cheat sheets.  Click Download to view the document. Choose the print command within Adobe to obtain a hard copy.
  • Register for or view free training seminars or webinars through SMNR.
  • Refer to the Certification Program link on this web guide for details on the Bloomberg Markets Concepts (BMC) course.
  • Bring personal earphones to connect to the keyboard and listen to tutorials. 

Ticker Search

Unsure of the company's ticker symbol? Use the Mergent Online database to quickly identify it, or follow these steps in Bloomberg.

Hit the yellow <EQUITY> key. Press <GO>.

Type TK (or TKI for list of companies by industry). Press <GO>.

Type the company name. Hit <GO>.

Select from the results.

Specific Security

Type the ticker symbol. Hit the yellow <EQUITY> key. Press <GO>. Choose the desired category from the menu for that security (e.g. Analyst Recommendations).

Historical Closing Prices (Year-End)

1) Check Bloomberg's default settings upfront to see if prices are adjusted for splits.  Type PDFE. Hit <GO>.   Change equity settings for this element if necessary. Follow prompts to set.

2) Type the ticker symbol. Hit <EQUITY>. Type HP Y. Hit <GO>


Type the ticker symbol. Hit <EQUITY>. Type HP. Hit <GO>. Enter desired closing date for company in appropriate field.   Hit <GO> to activate.

For a graph, type the ticker symbol. Hit <EQUITY>. Type GP. Hit <GO>.