Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Bloomberg Guides and Tutorials

  • Type BPS and hit  <GO>, or type BU and click on Marketing Materials, to access Bloomberg's Getting Starting guide, search guides, and topic-specific cheat sheets.  Click Download to view the document. Choose the print command within Adobe to obtain a hard copy.
  • Register for or view free training seminars or webinars through SMNR.
  • Refer to the Certification Program link on this web guide for details on the Bloomberg Markets Concepts (BMC) course.
  • Bring personal earphones to listen to tutorials, or borrow a set of headphones through the library.  At the Eisenhower Library, connect your headphones to the keyboard.  At Harbor East, connect them to the computer.


Treasury Bonds: Hit the yellow <GOVT> key.

Corporate Bonds: Press the yellow <CORP> key.

Cheapest to Deliver

Cheapest to Deliver Summary:

Hit the yellow <CORP> key. Press <GO>. Choose Futures and Options. Hit <GO>.


For List of U.S. Treasuries in Coupon Order:

Type T; hit <GOVT><GO>.

For Specific Coupon and Issue:
Treasury (Government)

Type the ticker symbol (hit space); type the coupon (hit space); type the maturity date. Hit <GOVT> <GO>.

Example: T 6 <GOVT> <GO> lists U.S. Treasury 6% bonds.


Type the company ticker symbol, then the coupon and maturity date. Hit <CORP> <GO>.

Example: DIS 8 9/6/09 <CORP> <GO>.