Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.


Hit <HELP> twice to obtain assistance or formulae from the analyst help desk.

Type BU; hit <GO>. Choose documents and follow prompts to retrieve guides on downloading.

Consider a class on downloading (click on the Training and Help section of this guide for information).

Downloading From Screens

Note: Not all Bloomberg data can be exported.  Please contact the Bloomberg Help Desk with questions.

Output to Excel: If this command appears in the red bar within your screen, Bloomberg easily can download displayed data into Excel on the terminal.  Excel should open automatically.

The Export command in the gray menu bar is not an option.

Downloading Via API (Excel Plug-In)

Open Excel on the terminal and export data from Bloomberg through templates if preferred.  Within Excel, click on Bloomberg from the menu bar to explore options.

Create specific formulae, or choose a template and follow the prompts to specify the criteria for extraction.

Consult Emory's Bloomberg guide and Bloomberg's in-depth guide to downloading and exporting data through your account on the terminal (Type BU, then choose Bloomberg Documents.).

Statistical Software (STATA, SPSS)

Manipulate the downloaded data through the use of the statistical software package on the terminal. STATA is available through the library terminals at the Milton S. Eisenhower Library and SAIS Library. SPSS is available at the Harbor East Library.