Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Red Keys

Log Off: to log off of the Bloomberg software

Cancel: to cancel an executed command

Yellow Keys (Market Sectors)

Client: create own portfolio or access publicly filed portfolios and those of different country market indices

Cmdty: commodity and financial futures, options, forward spot rates

Corp: corporate debt including multi-currency, supra national, provincials, company issues, medium term and structured notes

Crncy: currency spot rates, currency futures contracts and listed options on over 150 currencies

Equity: worldwide stocks, mutual funds, options, warrants

Govt: worldwide sovereign and agency securities

Index: world financial market and economic indices and indicators (Consumer Price Index, Constant maturities, LIBOR and stock, bond and emerging market indices)

M-mkt: continuously issued and short term dated paper, such as commercial paper, bankers’ acceptances and certificates of deposit

Mtge: U.S. mortgage backed security pass-throughs (MBS), asset-backed securities (ABS) and collaterized mortgage obligations (CMO)

Muni: debt issued by U.S. municipalities

Pfd: preferreds—equities with mandatory dividend payouts

Green Keys (Controls Functions)

Go: enter or return, used after each command

Home: return to command line at top of screen

Page forward, page back (Type a number before hitting this command to move several screens): Moves from one screen to another within the currently displayed window. Page numbers display in right corner of window.

Menu: reverts to previous menu screen  (if not, type LAST and Hit <GO> to raise last screen viewed)

Print: print screen. Type a number to print more than one page.

News: News Menu

Quote 1: displays one line stock quote (ibm<QUOTE 1>)

Quote 2: for comprehensive snapshot of company.  Type PDF. Hit <GO> to modify.  Type menu number or shortcut for appropriate function for more detail.

Surveys: for customer requests, suggestions, portfolio view, price capabilities

Help: advice at point of contact ; Hit Help key twice to raise analyst help desk.