Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Group Instruction

Instructors may request a virtual training session through their librarian at least six weeks advance to support classes.  Training is contingent on the availability of Bloomberg staff and may be batched where necessary during particular times and days of the week.

Training may include a general Bloomberg overview or focus on specific topics as needed.

Although recording sessions is not permissible per Bloomberg's policy, post-session slides may serve as a personal reference.

Other Universities' Bloomberg Guides

Technical Support

  • Log into your account monthly to keep it active. If your account expires while a current affiliate, call Bloomberg Support at 1-212-318-2000 and ask to "reinstate your login."
  • For problems with account creation, access or functionality, 
    • Call Bloomberg's 24/7 customer support number: 1-212-318-2000.
    • Use the Live Help link in your Bloomberg account to contact the analyst help desk. Bloomberg should reply by e-mail within 24 hours. To access your Help Message log, type HDSK and hit <Enter>.
    • Contact your regional librarians.

Bloomberg Analyst Help Desk

To send a question to the Bloomberg Analyst Help Desk, click on the Live Help link. You should receive an e-mail reply within 24 hours.

To access your Help Message log, type HDSK and hit <Enter>.

Bloomberg Guides and Tutorials

  • Type BPS and hit  <GO>, or type BU and click on Marketing Materials, to access Bloomberg's Getting Starting guide, search guides, and topic-specific cheat sheets.  Click Download to view the document. Choose the print command within Adobe to obtain a hard copy.
  • Register for or view free training seminars or webinars through SMNR.
  • Refer to the Certification Program link on this web guide for details on the Bloomberg Markets Concepts (BMC) course.
  • Bring personal earphones to connect to the keyboard and listen to tutorials. 

Other Tips

  • Type MENU and hit Enter for Bloomberg's main menu.
  • Use keyword searching to search for your topic. Choose from the menu.
  • Use function codes and the F# keys to develop search strings. (Example: Type IBM. Hit Equity (F8). Type HP. Hit Enter.)
  • Type BPS or Bloomberg University <BU> to access training tools and cheat sheets by asset class.
  • From any Bloomberg screen, hit <HELP> once for details about the displayed content.
  • Within specific screens, click on the numerical items or on data points to access more detailed information.