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Winmo (formerly Red Books)
Rankings and exclusive information on U.S. and international advertisers who spend over $200,000 annually on advertising. Company listings include: advertising expenditures by media; current agency; fiscal year-end and annual sales; contact information on key personnel; brand name; and industry classifications. Access limited to two concurrent users.



Search in the news and core article databases through the links on the left side of this guide for more recent or specific information.

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Use the search tools through the Video link on the left side of this guide to identify other media about advertising and marketing, or particular companies. View non-circulating media within a desk in the library's Audio-Visual section.

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CLIO Advertising Awards
View collections of these award winning ads through the library's DVDs or video-streaming databases.

Advertising Expenditures

Company-Specific Expenditures:

Advertising expenditures, which supplement the income statement, may be available at the discretion of the company. Advertising expenditures for industries that rely heavily on television advertising (food or beverage) are better represented.

Start with the databases listed, a company's annual report or the business article databases for information on a company's advertising expenditures or costs of campaigns.

  • Advertising Age
    Search this database or use the library's article databases to identify specific content in articles from Advertising Age. The library has Advertising Age in print (M-level Current Periodicals Room), online, and historically on microfiche.

Within Advertising Age, click on the Data Center to retrieve top advertisers' rankings, and advertising expenditures by type of medium.

  • Winmo (formerly Red books)
    Advertising expenditures by company; further breakdown by media type will vary by company. Two concurrent users permitted. Please log out when done.
  • Compustat (available to JHU faculty and graduate students for academic research only)
    Access Compustat through the Wharton Research Data Service for historical data reported by U.S. and foreign companies. Some companies disclose advertising expenditures.

Rankings and Statistics

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Look up Advertising, and also Media, in the Index for relevant table numbers. Print copies exist under Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States.
Call Number: M-Level Reference HA 202 (for latest edition)

Advertising Age 
Search this database or the business article databases for information from this key publication. The library has Advertising Age in print (M-level Current Periodicals Room), online, and historically on microfiche.

Click on the Data Center link in Advertising Age for rankings on the top advertisers and expenditures by medium.

Print Almanacs and Yearbooks for Historical Research:

Ad Placement and Rates

Web Sites and Digital Collections

Digital access to one of Duke University's advertising collections. Images and information include over 7,000 advertisements from U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Subjects include: radio, television, transportation, beauty and hygiene, and World War II.

Track branding and advertising strategies, developments and resources from Adweek. Register for limited, free access to selected information. Click on horizontal bars for other content.

CLIO Awards
Online access to recent CLIO award-winning advertisements. Additional, historical coverage available through the library's video collection and Films on Demand database.

Luerzer's Archive
Archive of international print and video ads.

Meta Ad Library
Search the ads currently running across Meta technologies, as well as:

  • Ads about social issues, elections or politics that have run in the past seven years
  • Ads that have run anywhere in the EU in the past year

Super Bowl Advertisements
Recent and archived Super Bowl commercials.