Locate key business information resources for academic research.

Risk Services

The following resources help assess risk in doing business with or in a country.

Industry Reports

View this guide to find industry reports on your market sector within a country or geographic region. Consider broader or related categories. Global or regional reports may provide details by country.

Advertising/Media Costs

View the section for this topic on the Advertising guide.

International Companies

See this related guide on resources for international companies.

Article Databases

Article and news databases provide more targeted and recent information on countries, companies, industries, products, marketing or ad campaigns, market share, trends, regulations, and developments.

Use the Articles and News or Key Databases pages to search in the core article and news databases for business.

Additional Resources in that List:

  • Academic Search Ultimate
  • Nexis Uni
  • EconLit
  • PAIS International
  • Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)
  • Proquest Asian Business and Reference



Click on the Advanced Search link in the JHU libraries' catalog to find books on international marketing, or your country or market.

Some Title or Subject searches:

  • international marketing
  • international market
  • International business
  • global market
  • foreign trade
  • globalization
  • export marketing
  • International business enterprises -- marketing
  • Marketing -- (specific country, region, or continent)
  • Marketing research -- (subcategories followed by region, country, or continent)

Additional Assistance

Jim Gillispie
Economics, Government Publications, Law, Public Health

Yunshan Ye
East Asian Studies

Country Overviews or Profiles

Use profiles from multiple resources to get a comprehensive overview of a country, including demographics, culture, religion, history, economy, politics, government structure, infrastructure, and risks.  Start with Economist Intelligence Unit.

Doing Business in. . .

Start with the Doing Business guides at

The library has some "Doing Business in" publications for selected countries. Search Catalyst, the JHU Libraries' catalog, for these terms, your country or region, or resources on business culture or cross-cultural.  These resources provide background and address regulations, barriers to entry, etiquette, and more.

Identify additional "Doing Business in" publications in WorldCat. Borrow them for free through your Interlibrary Loan account. (through the World Bank) might provide some free information online or lead you to a list of publications for your country, which focus on regulations. 

Use a web search engine (such as Google) to find similar reports or recent business information for a country. Search example: "Doing Business in" Thailand.

World Bank E-Library
View the "Doing Business" series of annual reports in this licensed database.  Consult with our government librarian for assistance.

Data and Statistics (Print Resources)

The GIS and Data librarians, on A-level, can assist you in obtaining statistics, economic indicators, demographic data and other information released by the U.S. government or the country.

Official publications of foreign countries will identify credible sources that the country provides.

Yearbooks, statistical abstracts, and compendia released by a country may be available in print or on microfilm.  Consult with the GIS and Data librarians to locate. Latest editions for selected countries are in the A-level Reference collection (HA call number range).  

Try these print reference books to locate statistics and rankings, now available in online format:

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Also available in print. Call Number: M-level Reference HA 202

Business Rankings Annual
(company and industry rankings)
current online in Gale Directory Library

Market Share Reporter
(company and industry rankings)
current online in Gale Directory Library

Statistics sources: a subject guide to data on industrial, business, social, educational, financial, and other topics for the United States and internationally
(online in Gale Directory Library)

Data and Statistics (Electronic Resources)

Log into these databases with your JHU (JHED) ID and password.

Government Resources

Perform a web search for embassies, government agencies, offices of official statistics, or departments of labor or commerce for your country.  They provide information to businesses that seek opportunities in that location.

View the Consumer Expenditure Survey, Consumer Price Index, and other statistical resources for foreign countries, international business, trade, economics, transportation, and other topics through this page for Statistics.

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