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Use the Advanced search in the JHU Libraries' Catalog, or through the Home tab in this Business guide, to find materials about marketing, brands, companies, or products.

Combine broad terms (such as marketing) with other keywords (success, successes, successful, best, worst, mistakes, or failures) to get examples of successful or unsuccessful campaigns or initiatives.

Videos and DVDs

Use the search tools through the Video tab of this guide or the Advertising page to identify other media about advertising and marketing, or particular companies, brands and products.

View non-circulating media within a library A-V desk or classroom.

Popular videos:

CLIO Awards  (Advertising awards)

Reference Materials

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies
A continuation of Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (1999 and 2007), this online volume expands its international coverage through its 100 essays covering some of the top global and emerging brands that appeared from 2010 to 2013.

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns 2007
This online encyclopedia profiles 474 marketing campaigns of special note, by virtue of their size, the importance of the company involved, their success, and/or their use of innovative techniques. Each entry includes an overview, historical context, target market(s), major brand competitors, and outcome. The 2007 edition covers the period from the late 1990s through 2005.

Brands and their Companies
From the Advanced Search screen in the Gale Directory Library to select this directory to match brands with their companies.

Market Share Reporter and Business Rankings Annual
From the Advanced Search screen in the Gale Library Directory, separately search each of these directories to find market share or other rankings for companies, products and brands by category. Check the JHU Libraries catalog for location of prior editions to assess changes over time.

Articles and News

Search the news and core article databases for information on products, markets, manufacturers, and campaigns.

Each article index includes different scholarly journals (Journal of Product Innovation Management), trade journals (Progressive Grocer), and popular business magazines.

Two Additional, Valuable Databases:

Nexis Uni
Global and U.S. full-text news and newswires

Statistical Insight

  1. Search in the Abstracts section to identify publications that discuss your product or category. 
  2. Use the article tab above to see if that publication is available in another electronic resource or in print. 
  3. If not, present the document number (SRI number) to Data Services staff to view the full article on film or in print.

Specialized Databases

These databases may provide information on specific brands, products, or categories of products, within an industry.

Market Academic
Current and archived market research reports, by Kalorama, Packaged Facts and other firms, are provided by Market for consumer goods, health care, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Includes reports on demographic groups.

U.S. reports on consumer goods and services. Includes market share and data on brands, products, and consumers.

Passport GMID
Euromonitor's database includes market share rankings of products by brand or by company. Coverage includes U.S. and international companies.

Gartner Advisory Intraweb
Analysis on the products and vendors in the technology and communications industry. Use Advanced search to search within subscribed content. Must log into Gartner with your JHU ID and password regardless of your location.

Cortellis Competitive Intelligence

Use this database from Clarivate Analytics to track over 60,000 individual drugs throughout their development cycle. Generate reports and visualizations on patent filings, companies and universities, clinical trial stages and funding deals—searchable by disease, process, drug characteristics, developer, location of developing entity, etc. View the extensive collection of research reports, conference presentations, and upcoming conference previews. Access through SSO (single sign-on) with your JHU ID/password.

Web Sites

How Products Are Made
A resource which includes the inventor, manufacturing and assembly processes, the raw materials and more for particular types of products.

Value of Product Shipments
Part of the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Manufactures.  This report presents shipments data for the 473 six-digit North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) product groups and approximately 1,500 seven-digit NAICS product classes.  Data for the individual products are collected every 5 years in the economic census. 

North American Product Classification System (NACPS)
In February 1999, the statistical agencies of Canada, Mexico, and the United States launched a joint multi-phase initiative to develop a comprehensive demand-oriented product classification, known as the North American Product Classification System (NAPCS).

ThomasNet (Thomas Register of Manufacturers)
Match a brand or product with a company or determine which company manufactures a certain product. Search by product or service, brand, or company.