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Company-Specific and Aggregated Analysis

Start with these databases to research partnerships, deals, ventures, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, funding sources and any changes in corporate relationships.

Bloomberg Professional Service

Read this guide on the Bloomberg Professional Service first to learn more about this specialized software available to current faculty, staff and students for academic research.  Log into your Bloomberg account from designated terminals at campus libraries for intelligence on deals and mergers and acquisitions.

Sample Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) Content in Bloomberg:
  • M & A league tables [Year-to-date (YTD) top financial advisers--market share, dollar volume and number of announced global deals by adviser]
  • M & A transaction values (EURO, Northeast Asia, Global, U.S.)
  • Top deals announced (targets, acquirer, type, U.S. Dollar value)
  • All time largest U.S. deals
  • All time largest global deals
  • Largest deals in last 7 days
  • YTD terminated deals
  • All deals pending and disclosed
  • Todays announced deals
  • YTD announced deals for EURO, U.S., cross-border, and global
  • M & A statistics for 1) most active industries and 2) volume, average premium, and payment type by month
  • Global M & A volume
  • M &  A news
Ways to Obtain:
  1. Once logged in, type MAIN. Hit GO.
  2. Either type MA and hit GO, or type mergers and hit GO.
  3. Type a specific number and hit GO to see deeper layers of content within screens.
  4. Type commands or shortcuts and hit GO to quickly retrieve particular content.

Statistical Abstract of the United States

This collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States includes data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations. Browse the Business Enterprise section of the current or historical editions for tables related to Bankruptcies, Mergers and Acquisitions. Use the index to identify other relevant table numbers by topic. Topics vary by edition.

Electronic Access

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Current Edition)

Print Editions

The library also owns each print edition, from 1878 to the present. The print editions provide more comprehensive coverage than the electronic.

  • Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States replaced Statistical Abstract of the United States. View this JHU Catalog record for print editions published since 2012. 
  • Refer to this JHU Catalog record for access to historical editions.